Personal objectives
To live a comprehensive life and strive for balance between profession and private life with good health. I continuously want to develop in my profession and as a human being. I strive for having high energy and passion for what I do.

Communicative, organizer, strategic skills, positive attitude, the driving source, good analyzing skills, high loyalty, honest, impulsive, humoristic, goal oriented and competitive.

My leadership is characterized by good situational leadership, strong ability to lead change, good balance in developing people and business together.


Professional experiences

180101- ongoing Strategic Initiative Leader, IKEA Sweden, Stockholm Market.

IKEA Svenska Försäljnings AB (Retail SE). Over all responsible for development and implementation of new and defined actions to adapt the IKEA business model into the transformation of the retail landscape.

160501- 171231 Country Sales Manager, IKEA Sweden.

Over all commercial responsible in all new establishments and relocations and bigger rebuilds. 
Over all responsible for all bought services; assembly and installation, home delivery, click & collect, etc.
Over all commercial responsible for all campaigns and yearly commercial activities on the Swedish market.

160201 – 170311 Västerås SK football club, Member of board

130513 – 160430 Store Manager, IKEA Kungens Kurva, Stockholm, Flagship Store.

101108 – 130512 Store Manager, IKEA Västerås.

100501 – 110430 Uppsala Retail Association, Member of board

080301 – 101107 Store Manager, IKEA Uppsala.

070501 – 080228 Deputy Store Manager, IKEA Uppsala.

040930 – 070430 Store Sales Manager, Management Group, IKEA Västerås.

011001 – 040930 Showroom manager, Management Group, IKEA Västerås.

010201 – 010930 Department manager Work IKEA & Small business.

000901 – 010131 Department manager, Shopkeeper, Work IKEA Västerås.

990805 – 000331 Product technician, IKEA of Sweden Älmhult.

990111 – 990805 Product technician flat wood. IKEA Office Sweden AB.

890731 – 950820 Carpenter making furniture for official use and with unique  design. Färnqvist Inredning AB.

880707 – 890707 Salesman and warehouse co-worker, L. Widen AB