2019 MPD Market Potential Development programme 
International strategic planning program with Inter IKEA Systems BV. and Ingka.

2009 MCL, My Conscious Leadership. 
Senior international leadership programme within IKEA and Inter IKEA Systems BV.

2008 Media training, PR, spokesperson 
IKEA specialists and external media specialist.

2008 IMMP, IKEA Marketing Management Programme.
MBA. International marketing program for senior managers at IKEA. Store managers, Marketing Managers, Country Sales managers. Run by Inter IKEA Systems BV.

2005/2006 MPP, Management Potential Program
International higher IKEA management education. Participants from all parts of the IKEA supply chain. Based on SML (Self Management Learning). Run by Inter IKEA Systems BV and IKEA of Sweden.

2004 Shopkeeper, train the trainer 
IKEA Business Collage education in shopkeeping at IKEA.

2003 SL2, Situational leadership, Blanchard/IKEA
Leadership program

2002 IKEA Retail Training Center, IRTC
Commercial Review ISFAB

2001 IKEA Retail Training Center, IRTC
Leadership and IKEA knowledge
Showroom / Furniture commercial competence ISFAB
Trainee program ISFAB
Basic leadership education IKEA

971103 – 990708 IDÉKRAFT, Project management degree
In cooperation with The University of Uppsala, Sweden.
Entrepreneur, Economics, Leadership, Group development, Presentation technique, Project planning, Reflection and evaluation, Real cases etc.

970820 – 971220 Komvux (Basic school)
Basic collage competence
Cederbladsskolan Uppsala, Sweden

970120 – 970604 Komvux (Basic school)
Basic collage competence
Vuxengymnasiet Jönköping, Sweden

950720 – 961219 University degree Wooden technician
The School of Engineering, 
Jönköping University, Sweden

Some other assignments

160901 – 170831    Commercial Review 
National performing executor of IKEA showroom review.

160201- 170311      Västerås SK football club
Member of board

150901-170831 Leadership mentorship IKEA Sweden.
Identified managers in management groups in Sweden. 

100501- 110430      Uppsala Handelsförening (Retail association)
Member of board

060101 – 070430    Commercial Review 
National performing executor of IKEA showroom review.

  • Speaker at NCSC (Nordic Council of Shopping Centres) Annual conference, Stockholm 2019
  • Speaker at Swedish Retail Awards, Stockholm 2019
  • Speaker at SIME Retail Summit, Epicenter Stockholm 2018
  • Speaker at Landstinget Västmanland Annual conference, Västerås 2012
  • Several events, breakfast meetings and inspirational occations.

Professional experiences

Education and competence